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What kind of Dealership is this?

Authorized Installation and Service of Cube Elevators

Do you have a Franchise Model as well?

Yes, we have a Franchise model as well. However, it is only given for existing elevator companies who are installing more than 10 elevators per month.

How much do I need to invest for Dealership?

You need to invest Rs 5,50,000, which is a non – refundable deposit.

What do I get for my investment which I am making to become a Dealer?

Company will provide Project Management Consultation, Marketing, Customer Support, Man Power, Training in Sales / Installation / AMC, Complete Marketing materials, Legal consultation, Registration and finally till you get back your investment company will Direclty Close the Orders for you.

What is the requirement to become a Dealer?

You need to rent a small office space 100 sqft and need to send 1 year personal savings bank statement, adhaar card, Pan card. Later needs to recruit 2 employees – ITI to provide service in local area.

How quickly can I get back my investment?

Within 8-18 months depending on the number of installations.

How many elevators can I install in a month?

You can install upto 5 lifts in a month. However, until you get experience of 12 months, we wouldn’t provide more than 4 projects in hand at any point of time.

How quickly can I become your Dealer?

Once after sending Personal Savings account statement which includes sufficient funds for investment, picture of proposed office space, adhaar card and Pan card – we will do application review and will let you know if that area is available for dealership or not. Once if everything is okay. Transfer needs to be done into LiftsTrade Pvt Ltd account. We will fix a date and arrange for a Press conferrence in your local area and all of this can be done within 1 week of time.

How quicklly can I start doing business once after becoming dealer?

Within the first month itself, you can start business. 

Are there any Additional Benifits apart from monetary?

Authorized Dealer Status : Gives your customers confidence while enhancing your company’s reputation

Powerful Marketing and Sales Support

  • Cubeelevatorsr’s Website – As a dealer, your name and contact information are published on our site, along with a link to your website. You’ll also receive online leads from our website.
  • Print / Online Advertising – We invest in awareness-building and online advertising campaigns and send leads directly to our dealers
  • Impressive product literature and direct mail materials – You’ll receive full-color product literature and direct mail materials to educate your customers about the benefits of our product line.
  • Complete Sales Kits
  • Product planning guides to streamline the sales process
I am interested, how should I proceed now?

Fill the form in this page and contact us in WhatsApp at +91 7013655340

Does a dealer get 25k just with an advance payment?
Do I have to complete amount at a time or can i pay in pay in step by step process?
What if I want to break the agreement in between ?

The refundable security deposit will be paid after the full and final settlement and only after 24 months from the date of the initial contract. However, the non-refundable payment is of course non-refundable.

How often do I get leads?
Even if I sell a lift of 12 lakhs still, I get only - 1 lakh or will I get more?

We will give marketing, referral and collection bonuses depending on the total revenue we got through our dealer for every order apart from the fixed payment. So, you will be paid more for a 12 lakhs order.

In new lifts we have mentioned 1% on collections what does it mean?

Whenever we receive a payment from a client, we will pay 1% of the collected amount.

What is Basic amount we get for a AMC?

The AMC charge depends on the following factors.
1. How old is that elevator?
2. What is the current condition of the elevator?
3. How many openings are there?
However, the basic amount we charge for AMC is 12K

As a dealer, you will be eligible to get 85% of the value we receive from the clients through AMCs

Could you brief about Sub- Contract for installation and wiring?

In general, for a sub-contractor who would take care of the wiring, we pay Rs 4000 per opening and for an erector we pay Rs 10000 per opening.

What if the 12 orders are completed before our agreement period do, we still have a marketing support from company? If Not Why?

Until our dealer reaches the breakeven point, we will support them with marketing and sales as initial support. Later, it is the dealer’s responsibility to bring business to the company.
However, we always support our dealers by sharing our leads from their territory.

How much does the Renewal cost?

The renewal cost is ₹3,00,000 + Taxes

What is the agreement term period?
How many days to we train staff?

For sales staff 3 days
For Marketing staff 3 days
For technicians 15 Days

For the dealer or managerial level, we will have every month special online training. 

How do we give training to technicians?

Staff should be sent to Hyderabad for training purposes. Ticket costs should be borne by the dealer. Food and accommodation will be provided by the company.

What is the salary range for senior technician, junior technician?

Generally, we don’t recommend that any of our dealers recruit senior technicians. We want them to give a sub-contract.

Jr Technicians’ salary will be between ₹8K to 12K.
Sr Erection Technician’s salary will be between ₹18 to 35K
Sr Wiring Technician’s salary will be between ₹15k to 25K

What is CEC cost in our Dealership program?

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