Please describe your business?
Cube Elevators makes customized Hydraulic Home Lifts, based on the available space at customers place.

We make all type of elevators like, Automatic Doors, Semi auto, manual imperforated door lifts, collapsible door lifts; hospital, goods, hoist, Passenger residential elevators, vacuum lifts, electric home and hydraulic elevators.

What benefits a client gets with your services?
Client gets 24 to 36 months warranty depending on the model which he selects for his home. The major benifit with our elevator is its user friendly and can be serviced by any other elevator technician with our guidance.
How big is your team?

We are 30 members working all across India. However, our actual team is much big which includes Contractors and their technicians with a total number of more than 280. We work even on holidays.

We have a separate service team of 15 people, to whom we provide accomodation and food.

Whats the USP of your services?
We have “Intelevator” – The intelligent elevator which has inbuilt

Automatic Lubrication system,
Automatic Rescue Drive System which brings elevator to floor level in case of power off,
Error Code indication system,
Automatic LED lights which work with Human proximity sensors,
Synthetic gear oil machine with maintenance free operation, only once is every four years for machine.

How do you charge fee?

We arrange Elevator expert consultation at customers location which is worth Rs 5000 at free of cost in most cities.

Which are the geographies you work?

We work across all parts of India, however, we are having installation and services teams in almost every major city in India.

In all other major towns we are associated with other elevator installation teams.

What’s your dream referral?

Hard working entrepreneur residing out of Telangana and Andhra, who is interested in elevators field who can take our Dealership. You can connect us with Architects, Interior designers, builders, new homeowners, elderly people with existing houses, etc

Who is your competitor?
We are competing all major companies like, Johson, Kone, Otis
How to you give opportunities to others, who would like to associated with your company?

You can our Freelancer, working for us by sharing our videos and also by sharing customer details to us.

If you come across someone who is searching an elevator company, kindly share their details to us so our team will call them, visit their place and will provide them with all the details.

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