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Advantages of Hydraulic Scissor Lift:

  • Affordable Price
  • Safe to use
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Technology


Disadvantages of Hydraulic Scissor Lift:

  • 60 days minimum installation time
  • Elevator Shaft must be constructed
  • Machine Room Required
  • Pit Required


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Other Details:

* Safe Decanting of operating system in case of hydraulic failure: The equipment is equipped with flow control valve for variable lowering speed which will actuate in case of hose pipe failure

* Over load relief valve: The over load relief valve is actuated if the load kept is more that the rated capacity, in that case the platform will not be lifted

* Emergency stop: Mushroom type emergency stop button is provided at operating pendent push button to stop the table top at any moment during lifting

* Over load relay, single phase prevent or is provided in the control panel which saves the motor from burning

* Limit Switches are fitted which automatically stops the platform when reaches its designated height

* Hoses 3/8 R2 is provided which are extra safe and factor of safety/tested at 300 bar pressure

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