gmv italy

GMV Italy is one of the largest supplier of Hydraulic Lifts

Supplied more than 800000 Lifts across the globe

Monthly more than 200 lifts are supplied in India

GMV Italy started their jouney 50 years ago with an outstanding Hydraulic Lift Technology which reached appriciation from all across the globe. Their innovations in Hydraulic Home Elevator technology inspired many Global Elevator Gaints to follow their footsteps. 

In Indian Home Elevator market GMV is No 1 Supplier and is associated with Cube Elevators in supplying Hydraulic Kits as well as in Direct installation of Home Lifts.

Cube Italian Hydraulic Home Lifts comes with a warranty of 3 years and can be extended upto 10 years which has a life of 25 years. And when compared to maintenance costs which incur by installing MRL lifts, it has lower costs.

When should I buy a Hydraulic Lift?

If you have a Villa or an independent home, we recommend you to buy a Hydraulic Elevator.

Why buy an Italian manufatured Lift?

Quality assurance is given for GMV Italy. It is certified as one of the best quality products in Hydraulic Lifts available.

Why Hydraulic Lift?

Pitless, machine room less, especially if you have staircase inside your house then you should go for a hydraulic elevator.

How costly are Hydraulic Lifts compared with Electric Home Lifts?

Hydraulic imported lifts are premium and will cost about Rs 2 lakhs more than electric traction lifts.

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